Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Reese Witherspoon Burns Justin Bieber

Reese Witherspoon shows healthy sense of humor about Justin Bieber's plans for “Fear” remake
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Reason number one for why fans love Reese Witherspoon: she's one funny lady. In a new interview with MTV, the blonde bombshell mocked plans for a “Fear” remake and unknowingly made non-Beliebers' day.

A short while ago, word got out online that Justin Bieber was looking to move from his heartthrob image by going into serious acting.

Admittedly, he'd set his sights on a remake of the very dark thriller “Fear,” originally starring Mark Wahlberg and Reese Witherspoon.

Asked by MTV how she feels about that, Reese delivered the best joke ever. Video of the whole thing is available here, over at Celebuzz.

“Fine. Great. That would be cool. Would he be playing me or is he playing Mark Wahlberg?” she said.

Those who haven't seen “Fear” should know that Wahlberg plays a twisted young man who falls for Reese's character and, after wooing her, he has a meltdown that sees him stalking her family, threatening her friends and even killing her pet dog.

Word has it that Bieber is “fascinated” with the source material and that he's very intrigued by the possibility of playing such a complex character, at the opposite pole of the image he's projecting right now.

“[W]e’ve been told that Bieber has been mulling over a number of feature ideas, and instead of looking to someone like Britney Spears for guidance in this department, he is looking to build off the career model of teeny bopper/rapper-turned-Oscar nominated actor Mark Wahlberg, [and it's] Marky Mark’s dark R rated thriller Fear that has caught the attention of Justin Bieber,” MovieWeb said in the original report, as we also informed you at the time.

“It is believed that Bieber will pursue the rights to remaking Fear, using the film as his launching board into feature film acting,” the e-zine added.

Nothing about the remake is set in stone yet, but it is believed Justin is even willing to acquire the rights and finance the project himself, just so he can get a good shot at some serious acting.

Back to Reese's joke, of course he's bent on playing Wahlberg's character!


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