Thursday, June 23, 2011


Turning your friend into girlfriend isn't something that magically happens. It requires dedication, planning, and careful consideration of the factors that come into play where relationships and friendships are concerned. Aside from this, it also requires certain qualities that a guy must have in order to show that his worth is more than that of just a friend.
Of course, there's no need to fret if you feel that you lack some of these qualities as they can be developed with enough practice and patience. You also do not need to be perfect, but showing you do have these qualities. Your success will also depend on how badly you'd want to get out of the friend zone and into the possible "boyfriend" zone.
So, what are the qualities that you should posses? Here are some of them:
  1. Decisiveness: Women like guys that they can count on to make decisions for them from time to time. Whether if it's big decisions or just small ones, women would want someone they can trust to take charge and not just end up asking what she wants to do. Of course this doesn't mean that you take charge every time or turn into a rampant egomaniac.
  2. Sensitive: Becoming sensitive to what a woman wants or how she feels doesn't mean that you'll need to cry when she cries or become angry when she is. It just means that you'll need to understand enough about the situation to know when and when not to take action or react, or serve as her strength. Not too much though as it can bury you deeper in the so called friend zone.
  3. Focused: Having the ability to focus on what needs to get done as well as the perseverance to see it through is appealing to women. This means that whenever you set your eyes on a goal you'll be able to work towards it - a trait essential to success.
  4. Independent - Women find independent men to be attractive. They will of course want to tame this down once you're together but having someone who leads a full life and is not easily attainable can prove to be worthy of their attention (it's not only men who like the challenge, mind you.)
  5. Exciting - Women love excitement, and the more they have with you, the better your chances are of turning them into partners. Being a doting friend can be good, but you probably wouldn't want to be remembered as the guy whom she runs to when there's a problem or when she needs a shoulder to cry on. Find ways that you'll be able to excite or spark emotions in her, this will bring you one step closer to your goal of turning your friend into girlfriend


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