Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dewi Persik and her Kemben

Dewi Persik
Once upon a time there was a girl with “kemben melorot”. She grew up to become the girl with “kemben melorot”. She became very keen on all sorts of dances, and soon became known as the Girl With “Kemben MelorotWho Dances “Goyang Gergaji”. Or GWKMWDGG for short.

Dewi Persik
One day she was dancing “Goyang Gergaji” with her “Kemben Melorot” in front of thousand of monkeys and suddenly a naughty monkey merabah stole a peach from "Kemben Melorot" with his dirty hand. About two second later, GWKMWDGG awared and was surprised to find her peach stolen. She then hit the naughty little monkey that was responsible.

Dewi Persik
But, GWKMWDGG never did find who was responsible for other stolen peach incident. She now learn Ninja Mind Control and practices "Jurus" Monkey Steals the Peach to take revenge against that bastard little monkey.


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