Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How To forum: HTC Incredible 2 or Droid 3?

'm in a bind here deciding between these two phones.
Here's some relevant information I've gathered in regard to perks for each:

Driod 3-
Android 2.3
Includes Swype
1080 Video Capture
Mobile Hotspot

HTC Incredible 2-
Android 2.2(?)
Sense UI
Front Facing Cam
FM Radio
Light/Proximity Sensor

IN2 vs. Droid3
768MB vs. 512MB memory
223 PPI vs. 275
800x480 vs. 960x540 display

I hope someone will read this and give me their insight...
I'm an engineering student so choosing between the two is really bugging me. I enjoy Swype and the (slightly) crisper look of the Droid 3, however it doesn't include an accelerometer. I'm curious if that's really a big deal.. for me? I understand it's a bonus but having never owned a smartphone I'm curious if I'd want/need it or wish I had it should I choose the Incredible 2.

Another point of interest is the overall difficulty of texting on the Incredible 2. After visiting the Verizon store and trying them both out, Swype (not to mention the physical QWERTY keyboard) proved far superior to the Incredible 2. I suppose talk to text is always an option on that note, so not TOO big a deal.

As far as performance I have no complaints, snappy menus and instant access are nice. Compared to my old phone it's nearly god-like. I know I've only scratched the surface there, but does the Droid 3 seem a bit overpowered unless you're multi-tasking? I don't expect to be doing a lot of heavy loading but who knows what kind of apps I'll find.

It really all comes down to
Accelerometer and FFC vs. Mobile Hotspot and Swype
unless the importance of any other aspect comes to my attention.

Thanks for taking your time to read this (provided you made it this far wink )
Personal experiences with each, thoughts or concerns, questions to me, anything goes, please contribute!


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