Saturday, December 10, 2011

Agnes Monica Jadi Brand Ambassador NEW clear

BBrand Ambassador product shampoo Clear always filled by best names. Calls just of football star Christiano Ronaldo, artist Sandra Dewi, or gold voice singer Ello. Now Indonesia pride singer, Agnes Monica adds number star list 1 becoming brand ambassador, and joins with family Clear.

Met in preskon acquaintanceship of brand newest ambassador of Shampoo Clear Black Area by Clear in Plaza Barat Senayan, Tennis Indoor, Jakarta Selatan, Friday ( 9/12/11). Agnes Monica confess pride can join. Agnes feels mission vision clear that is Music, Style and Break Through, equal to its(the vision and mission.

"   Definitive proud and seneng can joint forces with family Clear. Because as according to Music, Style and Break Through. Music is the biggest part of my life. Break Through is the always I do in life my," says Agnes.

The same is expressed the side of Clear, where they assume Agnes to have achievement matching with vision and mission Clear. Having immeasurable breakthrough also is provided by Clear by joining it Agnes.

"   We are pride Agnes thus part of family clear. We see there are value-value which Agnes has matching with vision and mission Clear. We know Agnes to have achievement that is good ga only in Indonesia, but also world. Break through, what done sure ordinary enggak aja. Agnes hardly snugly stays together us," says Mona from the side of Clear.

Hair shaped has meaning necessary for a Agnes, for the shake of supporting onstage performance. Because often change repeatedly hair tint, for its(the treatment Agnes do not want to triffle.

"   Easy of aja. my Fans tau, kalo in every perform I always gontaganti style and hair tint. Then all kalo ga taken care of will surely destroy. Fans pengen I come up maximum. Woman crown hair, I agree. Before coms into question, diprotect had ahead same Clear," says Agnes.


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