Sunday, September 11, 2011

Microsoft Releases Minesweeper For WP7


Microsoft has finally unveiled their own minesweeper for WP7 a couple of weeks back under the Xbox Live Flagship,one of the rare  Free releases under the Xbox Live Titles.
As its commonly known minesweeper field is far larger than a phone’s screen however,it’s pretty easy to play thanks to the simple touch controls.You can zoom out if you need to, but you can usually remain zoomed in all the time. The double-tap feature on an open square to uncover the surrounding empty mines has been carried over from the Windows Vista/7 version and works just fine on the phone.You can also switch between flag or digging mode, but you can typically stay in flag mode the whole time thanks to this feature..hence its like playing the game at the same rate as on a computer.
Different difficulty levels make this game a tedious one for sure and it’s definitely hard.
A new feature is the Speed mode, where you race against the clock.There’s also a scoring system, and power-ups, and other stuff..
However, the only problem with this game is the amount of time it takes for loading!!
It certainly checks your patience.
Price: FREE
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios


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