Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to become a YouTube partner : #3 – What can you do?

This is my how to become a YouTube partner series video #3 and today i’m going to explain what you can do as a YouTube partner, a few of the stuff is listed below. Channel / Video banners Connect Box Side Image Ad revenue News: Only need 13 more subscribers until i’ve reached my goal of 1000! My total video views is 1 million one hundred and fourty three thousand Quick update to let you know about the criteria posted in video #2 when you have the statistics mentioned in the video, this does NOT mean you will 100% become a partner, this is my reccomended amount to get before attempting to apply. Feel free to send your questions in as a video responce, comment on my channel or any of the partner series videos or you can PM me on youtube. The partnership how to video #4 will be out in January once i’ve gathered your questions, so send some in now Until then have a great christmas, good luck on your partnership and hopefuly i’ll achieve my 1000 subscribers goal (Please help by subscribing to me). Goal is for the 25th December. Joecox406


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