Tuesday, December 13, 2011

ONLY for €199 ($262 US) Asus Transformer Tablet

If you live with Italian and wish to buy a new tablet for this Christmas season, you are heaven sent causes because a limited time Transformer original Asus only there will be available € 199 ($262 ACE).

Success, when Notebook Italia informs there is made available from chain Media world from retail store and would beginning of in December 15, only 1,000 available units.

Transformer which discounted is actually version 16GB with connectivity Wi-Fi, usual sells during 399 EUR.

However, if Asus Transformer is not readyness to be done you, chain at retail the Italian also has 1,500 units from WiFi-only Galaxy Tab 101 available for 399 EUR, that with harsh estimate of equivalent from $526 ACE.

Hence over there you have if you lived with Italian to make sure to checks out Asus Transformer if you to want a Taft cheap tablet just for Christmas, whilst from between we live in other part of world will talk amentia (in) for luck of illogical you.


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