Sunday, October 30, 2011

How To Save Battery Life, The IPhone 4S

iPhone 4S is probably the best phone available today. It offers many features that you can not get their hands on the phone. Because of this long-term use, the battery drains very quickly. To delay the discharge of the battery, you can follow the simple steps you can enjoy this unit for long hours with fewer refills.

1. Brightness-Brightness sometimes makes the images seem a little 'shabby. Brighness should not be, can not be smaller, would be accurate. Go to "Settings", open the "option, brightness, and brightness to suit your needs.

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Second Keep Off Bluetooth Bluetooth is not a feature you'll need throughout the day. It should be kept out when not in use because it uses a lot of battery.

3. 3G 3G turn the product quickly, while the data rates and high quality calls, it is not surprising that consumes a lot of battery. If you are not a regular user of 3G, you can keep the weight for the sake of the battery.

4. Enable Auto-Brightness let the phone decide the brightness of the screen. The iPhone has an ambient light sensor that adjusts screen brightness depending on the environment are present in this will help you save a lot of battery life, especially in bright outdoor, where it is necessary to lower the screen brightness.

5. Lock your phone, you can save battery power by closing the phone when not in use. You can regulate the function of short-timer block, so that the phone locks in less time.

6th Keep Wi-Fi off Wi-Fi is a feature very necessary for any phone. It is even faster than 3G. But you can keep it for several hours to conserve battery power.

7. Turn off the Apps before the lock-We tend to block our equipment even if the application is running, and to assume the application is closed. But it is not true. Even if the screen turns off, the application still works, and eats the battery.

8. Turn off vibration feedback vibration to spend a lot of battery power. Instead, both to keep the phone in silent mode, or use a small amount of Ringtone save a lot of battery.

9. Minimize the use of GPS location services to spend a lot of battery power. So do not waste your time looking for the battery and silly places just for fun.

10. Upgrade the latest firmware update firmware are often released with the introduction of Apple's new feature that lets you save battery life longer.


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