Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Samsung S 3650 Corby: The true Samsung device

Samsung S 3650 Corby is a true mobile communication device. It allows you to enjoy the latest and the best of mobile communication features. With this phone, you can be sure of the best being delivered to you.
This brand new sensation by Samsung is simply superb. You would be really proud to own one.
This attractive mobile communication device measures 103×56.5×12mm and weighs only 92 grams.
The display of Samsung S 3650 Corby is quite impressive. The TFT touch screen measures 2.8 inches at 240×320 pixels resolution. The screen also comes equipped with marvelous features such as an accelerometer sensor and smart unlock.
The downloadable MP3 and polyphonic ring tones make you phone sound really good.
This phone can easily store up to one thousand contacts. It has also been equipped with an impressive photo call feature. This feature allows you to set different pictures to callers. The phone also comes equipped with fantastic entertainment features such as a stereo FM radio with RDS and MP3 player. These features help while on the go.
The Samsung S 3650 Corby is available in cupid pink, Jamaican yellow minimal white and festival orange colors.
If you want to purchase a mobile communication device that looks great and works well, the Samsung 3650 Corby is a great choice.
This fabulous mobile communication device not only looks great but also performs well.
You must purchase this phone if you are really keep on purchasing this the best mobile phone.
A fabulous mobile communication device.


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