Saturday, December 3, 2011

Detailed AMD Radeon HD 7950 and HD 7970 GPUs

In the beginning of out of 2012, AMD expected to discharge; frees its(the next generation of Radeon HD 7970 and HD 7950 graphic cores based on architecture NGC the company which only itemize in a newest report to loss Web.

When I sure to that many of you knows, the two this GPUs based on core Tahiti and would graphic cards AMD first to apply Next-Generation Core (NGC) arch.

Whereas this info has is beautiful many publics is known, eyeglasses from core has remained is beautiful many a secrets until recently, when Bright Side from publication of News arranged to dig out some additional details about this GPU.

Tahiti would actually is available in two versions, one Tahiti Pro so-called and one Tahiti XT, latter come like version increasingly Taft two in consequence applies a fully works version from this core.

According To BSN, HD 7970 GPU will be compiled out of 32 Compute Units for a grand total out of 2048 cores that operating at one particular hour (clock 1GHz.

This desire in circuit via a memory bus 384-bit  3GB from GDDR5 VRAM working in a modus level of quad data at 137GHz ( effective 55GHz) to provide a whop; big of 264GB/s from memory bandwidth.

HD 7950 on the contrary, is basing on version Tahiti Pro AMD GPU, drop would two among older Compute Units you about his(its to provide its(the users with 30 CUS and 1920 streaming cores that operating at one particular lower 900MHz frequency.

The Many ROPS would also lessen to 60, which will be paired with 120 jacquards units, as in new architecture of AMD every CU joints to 2 ROPS and 4 TMUS.

As far as memory controller comes within in this core is related, available information was sketchy a few because had not been laid open if this 384-bit would or 256-bit wide, but we are really knowing that hour (clock memory is lessened 125GHz.

Both products expected to be freed; discharged during CES 2012 and will occupy bracket the price of $349-449, whilst version dual-GPU Tahiti, HD 7990, debut will In March 2012 and target price is same of like which is original the price of its(the predecessor - $699 ( 520 EUR).

To get media accustomed to this GPUs, like also with rest of from Radeon HD 7000 product families, AMD will organize a series of Tech Days in some purpose of around globes, like London or Paris starts with next week, hence remaining tuned to be more many info.


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