Saturday, December 10, 2011

" More than 500 Million Looks On El Clasico"

Minggu, 11 Desember 2011, 01:07 WIB
Luzman Rifqi Karami
Duel El Clasico between Real Madrid and Barcelona which will take place a few hour(clocks again ( live tvone at 0400 WIB) gets focus from various party(sides. President Madrid, Florentino Perez and President Barcelona, Sandro Rosell has hope to duel El Clasico which this ke-216.

“   We hope this fight fulfills hope. This contest do not only gets attention in Spanyol, but also in the world. More than 500 million one would witness contest and this shows the importance of fight,” said Perez like published [by] yahoosports.

Perez hopes not to disappoint the audiences witnessing contest which will take place in this Santiago Bernabeu. He also Madrid is sure can win the day.

“   We come to this contest on the chance of height, explains this contest differing from contest it doesn't matter in this planet. The primal is this contest of upper board and I we am sure can fulfill hope,” intention Perez.

Confidence as of tone is laid open [by] President Barcelona, Sandro Rosell. Though calls Madrid as favorite, s(he Barca is sure can pluck victory.

“   Just for clarifying, statistical shows Madrid is favorite. I cannot mention who'll to win contest, but with the return of Tito Vilanova, likely we have won the day,” said Rosell.

“   I hope this contest can become example of sportivity and can become example for all people. We have is enthusiastic ness is big and we see for contest. There is healthy emulation between both teams,” its(the pungkas.


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