Tuesday, January 11, 2011

RIM Agrees to Block Access to Pornography from BlackBerrys in Indonesia

RIM is facing a potential ban
in Indonesia, a source of
tremendous growth for
BlackBerry, and to halt the
ban RIM will have to block
access to pornography on its
devices. The Ministry of
Communications in Indonesia
has issued a deadline of
January 21st, and RIM has
responded saying it will put in
place a “compliant filtering
solution for BlackBerry
subscribers in Indonesia as
soon as possible.” The
Indonesian government sees
this as a positive step, but not
a complete solution. In a
meeting in Jakarta, the
government will ask RIM for
further assurances.
It’s good to know RIM will be
avoiding the ban but one can’t
help but think the Indonesian
government is acting too
much like a nanny state.
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