Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Coldplay Song (& Music Video)

I haven’t been much of a Coldplay fan in the past and I don’t think this song is going to change things for me. I can hear why people like them, but it just seems a bit to soft on the corners for me.

But recently I’ve been thinking about how ridiculous music criticism is. Isn’t it just people trying to figure out what’s going on? And not doing too well at it either.

On the other side though; without context does art (or music) have meaning? Beyond just being “pretty” I mean? Maybe not. And that’s not to say then that we should just watch and listen to pretty things but that context is important. So maybe it’s not dancing about architecture.

Dancing about architecture kind of makes sense anyway. About as much sense as most things we do, anyway. Assuming you are also a person (re: “we.”) I’m quite sure I am.

I find it interesting when absolutely insane things happen in television shows and people just go on like it’s just an obstacle on the way. I’m thinking of premise of the show Drop Dead Diva. This woman dies and becomes another woman and then just goes on and … lives her new life? (the big deal in the show is that she goes from being a ditzy hot girl to a smart fat girl.)

How could anyone deal with that? I mean, I just can’t imagine being functional in such a scenario. Are there people who are so uninvested in being the person that they are that they could just be someone else and have it not be that huge of a deal to them? (Not that it’s not a big deal to her in the show, just that she goes on living without having a complete mental breakdown.)


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