Sunday, October 2, 2011

G Adsense Bot to show ads related to your Google searches

Google Adsense Bot is now showing 50% of ads related to what you have just searched in
I was searching for “contests” in, I found what I need and then I closed that tabs in my browser, but still leaving the Google Search tab opened. Then I got here, to my blog, in another tab, and SURPRISE!!! the half of my Adsense ads are related to my search in, and the other half is still related to the website keywords. I thought it was an error, and i opened other websites that have Adsense ads, and again some of the ads showing are still related to my previous search in google – “contest” , “win contest 2010″, “prizes contest”, and so on.
It seems like Google Adsense Bot it’s going to change it’s algorithm. This is a huge change for the entire internet marketing. Imagine websites that had nothing to do with the keyword “dui lawyer” making over $30 per click just because you previously searched “dui lawyer” in Google. There is a major change going to happen! Spread this information!


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