Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hosted vs. Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

We all know that WordPress is the best no cost and the most adjustable blog publishing …, making it effortless to create one owns blog or website. Thus, in these days, when blogging is becoming an attractive and fashionable usage of the internet, WordPress can allow us to build unique blog or websites. Once decided on making a blog or website, we have to pay attention and see which WordPress form of hosting is most appropriate for us, depending on each one’s benefits and drawbacks.
WordPress has to offer two choices: hosted or self-hosted WordPress. While, the self-hosted service implies a manual approach, requiring setting up, keeping and managing ourselves the WordPress Software, the hosted WordPress is conducted by WordPress most qualified coordinators. In the next lines, I’ll try to expose each choice’s benefits and drawbacks as they present themselves.
Hosted WordPress – WordPress
First, I’ll have to point out the simple and quick steps that you have to follow to install the application. Secondly, you won’t have troubles with any updates, because the program will run them automatically. Unfortunately, it’s more inflexible and it obliges us to choose a domain, unlike the self-hosted WordPress.
No cost – there were no costs implied, the only thing I needed to proceed was my e-mail address
Programmed updates – every time a new update is ready to use, the program will run it automatically.
Simply to use and install – I only needed to follow three simple steps: make an account, pick a subdomain and select a theme and that was all.
No profit – more exactly, it’s impossible to use the blog as a way to earn money from displaying advertisements, as they are controlled and forbidden.
Domain constraint – to my surprise, I discovered that the blog can only wear this given name
Fixed amount of space – I’ve also discovered that it’s also possible not to have enough space to unfold
Determined number of themes – As I’ve started I’ve noticed a really poor number of themes, there were only 75 possible choices
To sum up, I consider it a bad choice if you want a blog or a website that can allow you mobility and freedom of choice.
Self-Hosted WordPress
For self-hosted WordPress, I needed the software, a chosen name for my domain and a bit of attention at what new versions ready to use I could find on the internet. I was glad to see that it offered me all the freedom of choice I could seek and also the possibility of earning a couple of bucks or even more. Thus, a self-hosted blog gives a wide range of personalized options to earn an extra income.
Nevertheless, it offered me the capacity to supervise my own blog without any limitations, giving me the total control of managing my own page.
  • Income – It gives me the possibility to earn money from selling stuff or from any application that could produce an amount of money.
  • Design – Total freedom on choosing a theme appropriate to what your blog wants to express, from simple to more superior ones, depending on how much we afford to spend
  • Total control – I could design my blog as I’d imagine it, enjoying the no restrictions policy and the complete range of options offered me at each step
  • Tools that optimize your search – It allowed me to gather every single information in order to order my pages
  • Personalized Domain Name – I could choose freely my own domain name, making it easier to be find and to make an impression with it
  • Complicated to install – I needed first to get the WordPress software and only after that I could proceed on setting-up my blog
  • No programmed updates – In these days when blogging is more than a trend, more and more updates are available in order to make WordPress a better application for everyone who uses it. Unfortunately, the self-hosted WordPress doesn’t have programmed updates, thus obliges us search the new and improved versions in order to install them.
  • Charge – I had to pay for the software that allowed me to self-host my blog and also I was recharged for the domain after a period of time.


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