Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nokia Windows Phone " Lumia" Finally Is launched

After ditunggu-tunggu so much time, Nokia yesterday launchs smartphone operating system Windows Phone. There is two models who launched that is Lumia 710 and Lumia 800.

Since Nokia announces having partner with Microsoft Februari then, both models Lumia that is its(the realization. Both implementing Windows Phone 75 recognized as Mango. Lumia according to Stephen Elop, CEO NOKIA, means light. Elop hopes, both this models is new dawn for Nokia.

Lumia 800, having design one-piece body, comes with colour cyan, magenta, and black, sails tortous contact 37 inchs, LOUVRE 512MB and internal memory of 16GB. Its(the processor using Snapdragon 14GHz single-core with acceleration hardware and graphical processor. By using optic Carl Zeiss, resolution of its(the camera 8 megapixel, and video record HD. The Application Of Internet covers Internet Explorer 9 and Bing supporting HTML5, and supported by connectivity Wi-Fi.

Lumia 710 using the same processor with Lumia 800, but his(its internal memory only 8MB and RAM 512MB. Its(the camera only 5 megapixel. Lumia 710 coming with b/w primary colour, but covering replaceable back with colour llain like black, white, cyan, and yellows.

Lumia 800 that dibandrol with the price of 420 euro will be available next month in Europe, that is French, Germany, Itali, Belanda, Spanyol, and English. Before this year-end Lumia 800 will be available in Hongkong, India, Russia, Singapore, and Taiwan, and other region in the early of 2012. Meanwhile Lumia 710, what esteemed 270 euro, firstly will be available in Hongkong, India, Russia, Singapore, and Taiwan by the end of this year, and in other place in the early of next year.

Both Lumia is attached with the application of navigation, Nokia Drive. Nokia also having partner with ESPN to support the application of in around sport.

At the time of the same, Nokia also launchs four models ponsel which operating system Symbian S40, that is Asha 200, 201, 300, and 303. this Asha Series far cheaper than Lumia, that is strarting out of 60 to 115 euro, but having fitur which is equivalent with smartphone like keyboard Qwerty and touch screen.

Asha 200 is ponsel dual-SIM with fitur Easy Swap where user can make a move SIM/network without kills ponsel. This model equiped with keyboard Qwerty and can play music during 52 hours. Memory card which able to be attached until 32GB. Fitur Asha 201 looking like model 200 but doesn't have option dual-SIM.

Model who is costlier, Asha 300 and 303, has touch screen with koneksi 3G. Both equiped with web browser.


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