Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What We’re Expecting from the iPhone 5

After Apple announced a media event with the slogan “Let’s talk iPhone”, it is certain that the iPhone 5 launch is coming. There is a huge buzz surrounding the new iPhone and what will be included. Here are some things you should expect with the iPhone 5:
A New Design
At first, many people thought that Apple was going to keep the design of the iPhone 5 identical or extremely close to the iPhone 4. However, numerous pictures of new iPhone cases have been released, which in no way could hold the previous versions of the iPhone. Therefore, it is safe to say the iPhone 5 has been redesigned.
Faster Performance
To keep up with competitors, Apple most likely will be upgrading the RAM on the iPhone 5. We rely on smartphones extensively so it only makes sense that Apple would have upgraded the speed and performance of the new iPhone.
Better Camera
While Apple did improve the camera with the iPhone 4, it is expected that the camera on the iPhone 5 will be upgraded further. Many experts believe the screen will be larger, the camera will be 8 megapixels instead of 5, and the iPhone 5 will allow for full 1080p recording.
It is still unknown whether or not Apple will include 4G capabilities on the iPhone 5. However, if 4G is included, expect the iPhone to be larger. 4G requires a large amount of battery power and Apple has always been careful about battery life. While many people do want 4G on the iPhone, we will have to wait until the meeting to see whether or not Apple has included it.
Addition of New Carriers
Apple has slowly been extending its’ reach to new carriers. There is some speculation that Apple will include new carriers for the iPhone 5. Some rumors have indicated T-Mobile will be included, especially with AT&T trying to buy them. Sprint will likely be offering the iPhone 5 with an unlimited data plan, which AT&T / Verizon no longer offer.
iOS 5
Apple will definitely be launching the iPhone 5 with it’s new operating system giving us over 200 new features. You can see exactly what’s included on the Official Apple iOS5 page.
Voice Recognition
Apple acquired a voiced-based personal assistant service Siri last year and has not used it much at all, at least that we know of. Apple may be integrating this service on the new iPhone to allow for voice recognition.
If anything is certain, the new iPhone 5 should be much improved and better then previous models. Apple always seems to one-up themselves with each version and hopefully the iPhone 5 is no different.


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