Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New iTunes beta shows iPhone 4S instead of iPhone 5

It appears there is a definite name for an upcoming version of the iPhone. The moniker “iPhone 4S” was founding the info.plist file of the MobileDevices bundle that was included with the new beta release of iTunes. In this file, two descriptions of a black and white iPhone 4S can be found that look identical to the current version of the iPhone.

This find puts increases the likelihood of Apple introducing new iPhones this week. The new iPhone is believed to include an eight megapixel camera, 515MB of Ram, and the A5 processor. However, the find seems to indicate the new iPhones will keep the same design of the iPhone 4, or at least this model will.
The new iPhones are expected to be duel-mode, in that they can either run on CDMA or GSM networks. As of right now, Apple markets a unique iPhone model for each network.
As for the design, insider Ming-Chi-Kuo has stated that there is no evidence that the new iPhones will be redesigned. However, he did state that Apple has been developing a model that has an improved antenna design. The same glass will be used for the new iPhones as well.
Currently, it is expected that Foxconn will manufacture 85% of Apple’s fifth generation iPhone units with the other 15% manufactured by Pegatron.
Both models will use Apple’s new operation system, iOS5. It is expected that iOS5 will contain some type of voice recognition, which will allow iPhone users to accomplish a number of things such as text messaging, scheduling appointments, or looking up information.
Rumors have Apple manufacturing roughly 30 million units by the end of this year. If Apple can meet that goal, it is very possible that they beat the record of 20.34 million iPhones that were sold in the June 2011 quarter.


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