Sunday, October 30, 2011

wp tumblr blogger 200x200 Blog Wars: Impact of WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger

When I started my blogging career, most people would start with a blog created on and then move it to WordPress self-hosted.
The trend was was the first choice for new bloggers while WordPress was adopted by bloggers with more experience.
That trend is changing and more people are using WordPress or Tumblr. according to is miles ahead of Blogger and Tumblr, when it unique visitors are considered (see graph below).
compete WordPress Blogger Tumblr thumb Blog Wars: Impact of WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger
These number do not include self-hosted WordPress blogs; but only the ones on It is amazing to see it has numbers that are double if not more than other blogging platforms consistently for over the last two years.


It also shows the rise of tumblr being adopted as a blogging platform by many. It had less than 4 million unique visitors and today it’s around 15 million. Tumblr has some fantastic social features which has given it huge numbers when page views are taken into account it dominates WordPress and Blogger.(see graph below).
Blogging Tumblr PVs thumb Blog Wars: Impact of WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger
Tumblr has over a billion page views when compared to’s 200 million page views. This shows tumblr is doing a brilliant job of engaging readers socially but WordPress doing a better job with search engines. Maybe this is not a battle between platforms as much as it is a battle between social vs. search.
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