Sunday, October 30, 2011

How To Sync Google Calendar With Your IPhone

Google Calendar is a web application developed by Google to help you organize your daily schedule and share events with friends and family. A Google account is required to use this Web application.

Google's calendar application allows you to create multiple calendars. Each calendar may be divided in a number people as "only friends" you or anyone on the list. One of the key aspects is that it can be shared with friends and other read-only files, or you can completely customize the control there is an alternative.

Search for public service was abandoned and schedules provided by Google in 2009. Google has also taken the public gallery calendar, maintenance and other issues and problems. Users have begun to add programs from the "Calendars of Interest" option, or through known URLs of the calendar and also through e-mail inquiries to friends.


Google Calendar can be synchronized to various mobile devices such as iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, Pocket PC, etc. You can also synchronize with PC applications such as Microsoft Outlook via a third party software, and Apple iCal.

Google Calendar supports mobile phones based on Android too. Reminders of events can be sent via SMS to mobile phones and also through the mail. This feature is available in over 80 countries already.

Sync Google Calendar with iPhone:

If you are wondering how to use Google Calendar for iPhone, so this is a useful way to synchronize this application:

iPhone can sync only one calendar, so it is important to verify that they have no other calendars, such as Exchange or Outlook calendar.

First, go to Google Sync for iPhone Safari. Tap the "Device Manager", and to ensure that the timing with which you want to sync is selected and then click "Save".

Go to "Home" by pressing the "Home" button on your iPhone and tap "Settings" icon in the home screen. Go to "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" option.

Click on "Add Account" in the Account tab, and select "Microsoft Exchange". Enter your Gmail email address of the section.

Then enter, subdomain.

Enter your full Gmail address in the User Name column and enter the password for the Google Password column.

Click "Next" at the top of the screen and select "Cancel" if you get a warning like "Unable to verify certificate".

Select "Google Calendar" in accordance with the description and click "Next".

When prompted for the server name, type "" without quotes and click "Next".

Make sure the "Calendars" is set to "ON".

Hold mail "on" to enable push Gmail in iPhone Mail.

Keep contact information in the "ON", if you have already copied the contacts from Gmail. Otherwise, contact the iPhone replaces the Gmail address book contacts.

Click "Finish".

That's it. It was possible to sync with Google Calendar for iPhone


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