Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Download Microsoft Silverlight 5 NOW

Silverlight 5 now available for download
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Gold version Silverlight 5 only reserve for download, after expected to make one appearances of opening Pada Bulannovember.

Microsoft just announces that jointing freed; discharged to manufacturers. Software there is available to download in web also.

What freed; discharged in December 9th, Silverlight which new of 5 is available as a download that is free that considering at 7 MB, and which must easily diinstall in machines Windows and Mac.

Technology is available with support from web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

New version of Silverlight 5 is coming with fitur like Hardware Decode from media H264, along with graphic heap improve;repaired with support from 3D, and more.

There is repairs of performance that any benefit system would from, along with better text support from, media support from improve;repaired, and a series of improvements led into by development of applications.

“   new Fitur in Silverlight 5 enters in it Hardware Decode from media H264, what provides a repair of important performance with decoding of unprotected content using GPU,” Microsoft explains.

Company also notes that Silverlight 5 brings “ Printing of Appendix Vector to improve;repair quality of output and file size; and one graphic heaps improve;repaired with support from 3D that using XNA API in podium Windows to get low-level access to GPU for menggambar?menarik top shaders and low-level primitive 3D.”

Moreover, new appetite from jointing brings ‘ Application Dipercaya(I ' model to browser, thing have never happened before all.

“   this Fitur, when possible via a policy record-keeping lock of group and one application certificates, mean users will not require to leave the browser to execute complex duties like double windows support from, trust full of supporting in browser is including COM and file systems access, in HTML browser becoming sir numah in Silverlight, and P/Invoke supports because the original code which to be lari/dijalankan directly from Silverlight,” Microsoft explains.

You can download the gold flavor of Microsoft Silverlight 5 from Softpedia via this link.

The latest version of the Silverlight SDK is available here.


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