Friday, December 2, 2011

Download Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Alpha 1

Like today before all Canonic entrapping version Alpha which first of Ubuntu which will come 1204 LTS ( Precisely Pangolin) operating system, was have  his(its for a test director and reports fitter which new.

Bantu 1204 LTS ALPHA machine powered 1 by kernel Linux 32 RC3 and fitter Rhythm box assumption media player and Mesilla Firebox 90 assumption web browser and Mozilla Thunderbird 90 assumption sends enamel to client.

Because  dispatch; Liberation that is full, cum all highlights, pleases checking out announcement of  formal for Ubuntu which is new 1204 LTS ALPHA 1 dispatch; Iiberation of expansion. Thinks much of tour screenshot from Ubuntu 1204 LTS (Precisely Pangolin) Alpha 1, below (under!

Download Ubuntu 1204 LTS ALPHA 1 now from here


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