Friday, December 2, 2011

Kaspersky was hacked by Algerian hackers

Kaspersky chopped up by hackers Algerian Over-X, indoushka and Saousha and according to Cyberwarnews, this is not first time they fail for carefully protects their location. The attackers doesn't express consideration they to release page, but that is almost certainly made one mistake [from] situations where they wish to show how security and safety of it’s (the light is.

When about writing, web site Kaspersky ( still, conceitedly demonstrates picture placed by hackers.

On the contrary, NOD32 in Ukraine ( do on quickly in recovery service they which after attacked by hackers known as KhantastiC haX0r and Shadow008.

   Greeting NoD32. Where Security?! U Deicing? Yes! U Hacked Once Again has: D!!! Everyday Someone Got Chopped Up These days is your Day. Impossible only [equipment; meaning] unfinished...” states hackers in page smirched.

Such held responsible because releasing location of careful NOD32 of they is business ( in) for a few days ago, makes many victims, most of India and Bangladesh.

Mirrors Zone-H from they are -hack lays open that most of the locations becomes host in government areas, seem to be target of favorites of this couple.

Some menthes returns we to see web site Panda in Pakistan is being injected with a few code which any, and last two-day of we see how Team Elite to prove one attacks in web site Polish from Acrobat, developer of from ArcaVit antivirus.

You earn possibly imagines for hackers [this] are a big accomplishment to impinge; infiltrates web site from they which actually in security and safety business and unhappily, in some cases required multiple cyber criminal operation to be able to they are patch up of all holes.


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