Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nokia Lumia 900 release on february 2012

The following information require to be kept below(under category desas desus/slentingan which is unconfirmed, like Nokia continuously refuses to interpret desas desus/slentingan and speculations.

Even we have had some depicting with Nokia Lumia alleged 900 that we thought of its(the which to be announced last two months at Nokia World 2011, Finnish company still must make every opening announcements.

Desas desus/slentingan around Nokia Lumia which is illusive 900 has come and gone, but only some about of eyeglasseses had ‘ specified ' until now. Info in tanggal/date dispatch; Iiberation or the price of scarce smartphone also, but that emerges that heaven sent us today.

Folks ( in) for at Engadget finds some chirps ditempatkan/diposkan by support from staff to carrier Swiss Swisscom, possible, or may not, lays open a timeframe possible for Nokia Lumia 900's launch date.

According to this chirps, Swisscom would be discharging Nokia Lumia 900 sometime by the end of February, but without launch date correctly is given that there are still.

Seriously, this can a mistake compared to a leakage, which is made one mistake [ from] main reason of info must be treated lightly.

Even without this cutting information, we earn safely assumes that Nokia would be announcing its(the the next Windows of Menelpon flagship smartphone in beginning of 2012, possibly at CES or Mobile World Congress.

In the same news, Nokia Lumia 900 in is reported sent with one 43-inch impressing WVGA touchscreen kapasitip with mobile ClearBlack display technology of Nokia.

In in, smartphone is considered to be equiped with a 14 processors GHz, mononuclear almost certainly. There is also one bottom cameras 8-megapixel improved with flash LED light-emitting diode) and autofocus, like also recording ability of video.

Designs, Lumia 900 need to follow the same popular factor form made by by N9. However, desas desus/slentingan has that which deserts will be uppermost a mechanism of microSIM that really looks like its(the iPhone.


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