Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Microsoft Releases December Security Updates, Fix for Duqu Vulnerability

Many bes awaiting security and safety renewal of December freed; discharged by Microsoft to come with 13 security and safety bulletins that menentukan/memperbaiki three security and safety insuffiencys of stall, including one which applied by Duqu now infamous malware.

Way of where font TrueType is handled in the kernel modus drivers Windows considers Duqu to make its(the journey to a systems, permits its(the teacher to take control from equipment hit by infeksi/tersebar.

Critical other hole that mengizinkan[membiarkan execution of code can which any referring by one issues ActiveX. ActiveX preyed nips enterred to ascertain webpages crafted with jahat/dengki and my perilaku-perila am specific binary in explorer Internet will not influence users.

Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center is also found to have the character of berbahaya?lemah One. attacker can take over a machine if s(he arranges to persuade is individual into opening a malevolent file.

Rest of 10 weakness, what assessed as important, found in Microsoft Office, active OLE, DIRECTORY, Windows client/server run time subsystems, and in kernel Windows.

Insuffiencys is finding in products Office to entangle some social rancang-bangun because in sequence because the attacker to take total control from equipment, s(he will need to assure the victim to run Firman crafted peculiarly, Go beyond, Publisher or PowerPoint file.

Whose users holding book set to have slimmer of rights is not hardly is short exchange starts from they operating their equipments with full administrative permissions.

If last mends didn't disseminate, an execution of code which remote was possible if individual of open one objects OLE created by a hacker with a purpose to from taking over a systems.

Modus The Application Of Directory to be Active ( ADAM) and Active Directory Lightweight Directory Service ( ADVERTISEMENT LDS) was and also sensitive to one attacks if a cybercriminal arranged to book upward one areas AD and implements malicious element.

Finally, a cumulative security and safety updates because Internet Explorer is freed; discharged to prevent users from is being hit by infeksi/tersebar by a DLL peculiarly crafted placed in the same directory as a file HTML validity.


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