Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Steve Jobs Interview that Never Got Published to publist

Steve Jobs unveiling the iTunes Music Store in 2003
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A 2003 interviews with co-founder Apple Steve Jobs which, during its (the reason or other, doesn't have ever have publishes, now available online.

In tunes Music Store opens its (the mask is almost a decade ago, Time magazine pressman Laura Locke collects value one interviews thinly Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Be rather just him or whoever besides except Jobs) knows that April 28th, 2003 will become one day is really historical for all music industry.

Locke starts interview Jobs”' Rip. Mixture. Burns.' [A tagline from advertisement Apple time] has superstitious uses formula Apple ton start from end. Why going legit now?”

Work swiftly argues explains to journalist which “‘Mixture. Burns.' [password] have never not legit.”

   When some folksiest thinks ‘Rip. Mixture. Burns.' be one anthem to steal music, that only because they didn't know do they talk about. They seriously didn't have children to live in house. This is 50 year-old-crowd that thinking of that.”

"   We have fought against to theft music from beginning," Work adds. “Wes owns many intellectual properties. Most of competitors we are not, but we do. We are not happy when people steal. So this is not one about face for us or anything like that."

Apple CEO explains that online venue will provide “an experience that is far better" for end user and says that ability to preview a song is “giant, only giant."

"   I overemphasize cannot that because of preview, ET your cetera will fall in love with music again; returns ... and that actually remarkable. That is hardly is he tells journalist.

Which its (the dominate (data about customer service, Work says “Good, they have failed (in). They have completely fails (in). Nobody wish’s to rent their music. They have hardly every the customers.”

Discuss competition, Work express a sincere trust that any person who tries to copy this business model wish to had a time which hard doing hence, mostly because they have a jukebox which is cool - iTunes.

Then is exist “ten millions of dollars for server farms and networking farms […] and we have got that is at its (the place,” and then came payment system, Work is say

Work also log that the only industry that will lose will from birth from shop] music tunes will become retail merchandising: “The internet made to send music,” s (he says. Full interview


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