Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cotton Bowl – Jim Brown Invited to Return to AT&T Cotton Bowl

Jim Brown, former professional football player who is very famous, yet managed to return to the Cotton Bowl game since he played in 1957 when it was defeated by Syracuse Orangement TCU 28-27. He accepted the invitation to return to AT & T Cotton Bowl Classic at the age of 75 years.
jim brown
Jim Brown
His full name is Nathaniel James”Jim”and born 17 Frebuari 1936. Brown was one of 19 members of the Cotton Bowl Hall of Fame today attended the Big Play Luncheon at the Hilton Anatole. He was  reported to participate in the coin flip before the Texas A & M plays LSU on Friday night.
Tigers coach Les Miles acknowledged “Mr. Brown” in the audience during his speech. Miles grew up near Cleveland, revere Brown and Cleveland Browns, and told to go to the field at Municipal Stadium after a game.
“I had a chance to touch ya!” Miles said to Brown, who sat at a table near the head table audience. “Do you remember?”
Brown only nodded.
“I know you!” said Miles.
Brown also said afterwards: “It was kind of flattering and funny at the same time.”
The team had to go before lunch ends to make their trip-through at Cowboys Stadium. On the way out Miles’, he detoured through the crowd to visit with Brown briefly.
“We have a few words, which I think is very respectful,” said Brown.

Jim Brown – The Victory 7-6 Over Arkansas in the ‘61 Cotton Bowl

Then Jim Brown, walking with a cane, barely able to travel a few meters on the way out before it stopped and asked to pose for photos. That includes requests from members of the 1960 Duke team that is here celebrated the 50th anniversary of the victory 7-6 over Arkansas in the ‘61 Cotton Bowl.
Jim Brown, who included members of the LSU team is currently staying at the Anatole. On their way through the lobby, players risk their late bus to the stadium to pose with Brown. That is the dilemma in the minds of senior offensive overcome Joseph Barksdale: “Man, I can not miss it.”
Jim Brown now is the Executive Advisor to the Cleveland Browns franchise. Part of his role, including helping to build relationships with the Cleveland Browns players and to enhance the programs sponsored by the NF through player programs department of the Cleveland Browns.


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