One person was killed and two wounded in a shooting incident at Millard South High School at 149th and Q Streets. Suspected perpetrators of the shooting was a senior student at the school. But the perpetrator was killed after he shot himself. One serious injury victim immediately taken to Creighton University Medical Center by medical helicopter.
millard south high school
According to Omaha police, perpetrators of the shooting is is Robert Butler Jr., son of an Omaha Police officer Det. Robert Butler. He is believed to have used his father’s pistol in the shooting. There are reports that Butler, Jr., wearing a bullet-proof vest during the shooting.

The Shooter Fired from Millard South High School

Some people say the suspect kicked out of school a day earlier. This can be seen from the letter of invitation to 911 of the school. He did the shooting with driving a car, but he later he was found dead in the car with gunshot wounds.
Victims of the shooting was a man and a woman. Male victim was taken to hospital with serious injuries,”police said.
Various information stating that the student shooter fired from the school because it came to staging areas in Sheppard Divine Lutheran Church at 150 and Q Streets. He included a senior student. Before shooting, he spun-son on the school soccer field.

Students of Millard South High School Not Allowed Go By Their Vehicles

Police are still investigating the case and could not give a detailed description. Only confirmed there are no police involved in shooting incidents.
Millard South High School is to release a classroom one by one. Students receive counseling before being released to their parents at Divine Shepherd Lutheran Church on Q Street to the west of the school.
Students of  Millard South High School will not be allowed to go into their private vehicles at this time.