Saturday, January 8, 2011

Michelle Obama Pregnant: at Beginning of 2011

michele obama pregnant
Michelle Obama
Apparently, the Gibbs statement quoted by an Internet media that is a false statement. It’s just a rumor at the beginning of 2011. This is very outrageous. Out of nowhere the Weekly Word News had an idea to broadcast the false news.
Michelle Obama pregnant rumors have spread around on Twitter now, sparked by the story of World Weekly News. Even including a confirmation from the White House press secretary, who as if it were a true statement.

Is Michelle Obama really pregnant?

Of course not! The story, which claimed Mrs. Obama is due in August, looks to be actually made, although it makes the rounds on Twitter. Michelle Obama 46 years, so obviously it will be a high-risk pregnancies.
Michelle Obama pregnant,” states CelebDirtyLaundry, choose the rumors floating on Twitter and by a fake news site, WeeklyWorldNews.
According CelebDirtyLaundry, “The White House said today that the first lady Michelle Obama, 46, is pregnant with her third child. President Barack Obama, 49, her husband is happy!  Apparently, a rumor was probably the first piece is rooted in the Toronto Sun where the psychic predicted the First Lady be pregnant. The only thing here is fertile imagination of the prankster who make hoax today, that some blogs are not reliable fall.
2011 is starting with a bang as rumors began swirling that First Lady Michelle Obama is pregnant. But the reps at the White House has not commented on the latest buzz.


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