Tuesday, September 20, 2011

pesan tante

Makings Cancer

Making Cancer.---- Over 100 years ago cancer began to be suspected that a cancer was nothing but a wrong growth of tissue or flesh: these two words meaning about the same thing. It has been proven and shown conclusively that every cancer is a mass of tissue that has a wrong formation.

Tissue growth is most easily made experiment, using to start with a piece of flesh or tissue, and feeding the same with pure blood, which means blood composed of the elements that make the body.
When this is fed to live tissue, the latter absorbs it just as a hungry animal absorbs food that it relishes. The tissue goes on growing and adding to its own structure by perfect weaving of flesh.

Now breathe on the blood the thinnest possible mixture of air and tobacco smoke, and the tissue curls up and weaves an abnormal growth exactly like that found in cancer.


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