Tuesday, September 20, 2011

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When your joints ache,hitting the gym is one of the last things you want to do. But regular exercise is often just what the doctor ordered to relieve arthritis pain.
Exercise relieves arthritis pain because it helps support the joints by strengthening the surrounding muscles and tissues, improving flexibility and reducing stiffness.
Most people don't realize that if you take away the stress from the joints, you take away the pain. Exercise benefits arthritis suffers in so many way, including a greater range of motion, more energy and improved daily function.
A number of exercises are ideal for people with arthritis-the idea is to find the one that fits your personality and lifestyle. Here are a few of the most popular and how they help ease the pain.

WALKING. A daily walk helps reduce stiffness in the joints and can even reduce inflammation. Walking also helps you stay in shape and shed pounds, lessening the load on your knees and ankles.

WATER ACTIVITY. "Swimming and water aerobic are perfect for arthritis sufferers."say Kristie Keir,PTA, member of the American Phisical Therapy Association. "Because the water actually makes you lighter, you are exercising with less weight and stress on your body. Also the warm water helps soothe joints and muscles."

YOGA OR TAI CHI. Because yoga and tai chi are slow-movement exercise, they are easier on arthritis sufferers'bodies,Rubin says. Plus, both help improve strength, balance, flexibility and posture.

If you want to start an exercise program to ease your arthritis pain, follow these tips from Arthritis Fondation to help get you started.
  1. Consult a medical profesional. Before you start any program, talk to you doctor or physical therapist to see what option are right for you.
  2. Pick an activity. Find something you enjoy and can do acouple of times aweek. I can be as simple as walking, playing a round of golf or joining a yoga class.
  3. Start slow. Ease into the exercise and don't overexert yourself. Exercise is a great way to relieve arthritis pain., but if you overdo it, you can put extra strain on your joint.
  4. Have fun. Exercise doesn,t have to be a burden. pick a program you enjoy.


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