Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Canon PowerShot S100 Review - Advanced Compact Camera

Canon S90 and S95 successor soon carved a nice little segment in the compact class. A fast lens and a superb performance in low light, all in a subtle body is smaller than a pocket camera is ideal for advanced shooters. Canon has released the updated version of the S100, and it seems they are still on track. This is Canon PowerShot S100 Review - Advanced Compact Camera.

Most of the good things stuck around, and often not even seen an improvement. The goal remains, to f / 2 at its widest focal length to open, but now has a 5x optical zoom, compared to 3.8 x of the S95. This gives you a full size field is 24-120mm.
 Canon PowerShot S100 Review - Advanced Compact Camera

The S100 is still part of the Canon SA, but the image sensor and processor performance increases were achieved. The sensor is now a 12.1-megapixel CMOS (s up to 10 megapixels S90/95 "CCD) and is the new DIGIC image processor 5, which Canon claims faster, better in low light and you get more accurate color reproduction.

RAW support has shifted to how the ring set touch controls on the front of the camera to different camera settings to handle operations.
As expected, Canon and more intelligent system for the first time in August, when he made the PowerShot ELPH SH 510 known. The S100 is equipped with six different modes of the device selects the recording conditions are most suitable.
 Canon PowerShot S100 Silver - Advanced Compact Camera

Video recording was pinched up to 1080p, with a maximum has been ISO 6400 and pushed the LCD screen remains 3 inches.

Also new is an integrated GPS for geotagging of origin. The GPS recorder keeps track of their course during the day to help you again with the included software and check his career as a shot.


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