Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pingin Cari Lelaki Perthatian dan Setia

Abis diselingkuhin cowok q... Padahal aq udah setia setengah mati.
ya sudahlah... Daripada pusing2 patah hati, mendingan gw cari yang baru..
Klo mo kenalan dan liat no HP ku, Klik aja tulisan warna merah muda  di sebelah kiri dan kanan..

Currently, the computer becomes an integral part of life for some people. However, if you do not realize the computer can bring the disease in both eyes or in the head. Because workload can not be avoided, sometimes someone will have to push yourself for hours in front of a computer. If you're one of a few people who use computers every day, chances are you've experienced eyestrain. Signs of eye fatigue are:
Eyes feel tired, sore, burning, or itching.
Watery eyes.
Eyes feel dry.
Blurred vision or double look.
Headache and stiff neck.
Difficulty in focusing your view, when looking away from the monitor to a document quickly.
Other colors seem to accompany a thing when you look at something other than the monitor.

Eyes become sensitive to light. Eyestrain caused by computers that will bring a serious effect on the future has yet to be proven. However, eye fatigue is quite disturbing and makes very uncomfortable. New Habits Can Help Needs to rest the eye can be obtained by changing habits. Some adjustments when you use a computer will give you rest more on your eyes. Some simple tips to reduce fatigue in this eye, may also

You try:
Give a little time for your eyes to rest. Occasionally force your eyes to focus on something other than the monitor screen. Try this exercise: put your finger a few inches in front of your face, pull away slowly. Focus your sights on something far away, then back to your fingers. Slowly, bring back your finger closer to the face. Next, switch your gaze to something that at least is about 2.5 meters. Repeat this exercise three times and done several times a day.

Stand up and move around for a while at least once every two hours. If possible, lie down and close your eyes briefly. If not possible, give a break at least five minutes every hour. Use that time to do other things not related to computers, such as calling.

Sometimes when you're working with computers, a person often forget to blink his eyes. It makes the eyes dry. Blinking will produce tears, hence can help to hydrate and moisten your eyes. Berkediplah more often, but when it does not help, use appropriate eye drops to help him.

Give light massage on your eyes several times a day. Put your elbows on the table, palms facing up. Put your weight on the front until the body leaning forward. Drop your head in the palm of the hand. Rest your eyes right at the bottom of your palm, with fingers facing toward the forehead. Close your eyes and draw a deep breath through your nose, hold for four seconds, and remove it slowly. Continue up to 15-30 seconds.

When you use glasses or contact lenses, make sure the size corresponds to working with computers. Most lenses are only suitable for printing and reading are not optimal for working with computers. Birthday Tata your work desk Reduce eye fatigue can also be done by making sure your desk has been arranged with the appropriate and convenient, especially for your eyes.

Place the monitor directly in front of you with a distance of about 45 to 75 cm from your eyes. Place the top of your monitor parallel or slightly lower than your eye, making it more comfortable for your eyes.

Position your keyboard properly. Put the keyboard in front of your monitor. When you put your keyboard next to the monitor, your eyes have to focus at different distances. Over time this will be a tiring job.
Place the documents or other sources at the same distance to your monitor by eye, the eye does not have to constantly adjust.

Notice the lighting around you. Do not let the light that is around you visualize on the screen. Adjust contrast and brightness with your eyes, get as comfortable as possible so that the writing on the monitor can be read easily.

Do not forget to clean your monitor screen from dust. Dust also can interfere with your vision and eye comfort. If still often experience fatigue and other disturbances on your eyes, would be a keepsake you have a serious problem. Visit your doctor if you

10 Ways to Avoid Pain Simple

Weather extremes and erratic as it is today can make the immune system is weakened. With hygiene, exercise and adequate nutrition, the risk of contracting the disease can be suppressed.

As far as possible to avoid illness is a wise choice for now considering the cost of treatment is not cheap. The trick is very simple, does not need a lot of cost and can be done by anyone.

Here are 10 tips to avoid contracting the disease, taken from AskMen, Wednesday (12/05/2010).

1. Get plenty of rest
Lack of sleep often associated with various physical and mental health problems, including reduced immune system. Although no definitive explanation about the relation with the immune system, but certainly people who sleep less more susceptible to disease. Therefore if you have health complaints that are not clear why, try to improve sleep patterns.

2. Clean the surface of the furniture
Although more virus is directly transmitted from person to person, it is not possible indirect contact through a variety of furniture can also spread it. Surface of the table, tap water, the telephone and door handles should be cleaned frequently due to frequent contact with the hands. Some viruses and other germs can survive there for several hours, even days.

3. Avoid the 'party''during the season of disease
Not a party name if there is no alcohol, tobacco and stimulant medications might. Not the party is also the name if it does not stay up until morning. Yet all that can weaken the immune system, making the body susceptible to disease. If you occasionally want to come party with no risk of contracting the disease, make sure no one had a cold in that place.

4. Do not share personal items
As a child, sharing personal items such as cups and plates with their peers and have the values ​​of its own happiness. Now, put that way of thinking like a little boy and be a bit selfish for the goods that come into contact with the mouth. Toothbrushes, cigarettes, food and drink easy to spread germs when used together.

5. Inadequate fluid needs
Not only when sick, consume plenty of water also needs to be done now to prevent ill health. More than 60 percent of the human body consists of water whose function, among others, deliver nutrients to the cells at once dissolve toxins in the body.

6. Eat vegetables and fruits of the colorful
Without the need to realize, every time the body is always to provide resistance against infection various viruses and germs. In order for immune system function is maintained, provide enough nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Vegetables and fruits are a fairly complete source of nutrition. The more dark and colorful, generally the more nutritional content.

7. Sport
Not just make the body feel alive and healthy, various studies have proven scientifically that exercise any light as long as done regularly can improve the immune system. Not yet known exactly how the mechanism, but suspected regular exercise in preventing the occurrence of inflammatory molecules that cause cell damage to the immune system.

8. Stay away from sick people
This is the simplest tips that did not need much explanation. Most of the flu virus is spread through direct contact from person to person so it is quite reasonable to avoid the flu can prevent transmission. If a co-worker heard a runny nose or sneezing, return immediately to his desk and wash hands frequently.

9. Do not touch the face of indiscriminate
Face to face or have so many entrance for germs. Not only through the nose or mouth, germs can even enter through gaps in the unexpected such as eyes. To reduce the risk of germs, do not lick the hand or memakainyanya to rub noses and itchy eyes though.

10. Keep hands clean
Prompts for washing hands can be found anywhere, because it effectively reduces the risk of disease transmission. Germs are everywhere, and carried away when his hand touched something. Therefore, before touching your face and give opportunity to the germ for partying, wash hands with soap or a minimum water flow.

How to Recover Faster from Flu

Erratic weather can make anyone got the flu or common cold.
Early symptoms such as sneezing and fever
can disappear without treatment,
only with a few simple steps such as resting and drinking green tea.

Flu classified as self-limiting disease,
which means it can heal itself.
Treatment is needed if symptoms are severe enough to interfere with the activity.
If symptoms are mild,
then the immune system naturally would give resistance to flu viruses.

Here are some tips to help improve the immune system when exposed to the flu, quoted by MensHealth, Sunday (23/05/2010).

Breakfast antivirus
If you wake up in unsanitary conditions,
do not ever skip breakfast time. A Dutch study shows, a breakfast as much as 1,200 calories increase
levels of gamma interferon in the blood of up to 450 times higher than no breakfast at all.
Is a natural antiviral compounds in the body that serves to ward off the flu.

Opponent with stress
If prolonged, stress can indeed weaken the immune system.
But for the short term,
busied himself with the hard work it effectively reduces
the symptoms of flu.
According to a study at Ohio State University,
the short-term stress can fight the flu if it lasted no more than half or
one day.

Brewed coffee or green tea
Coffee or green tea in the afternoon not only makes the body more relaxed,
but help the immune system to fight the virus.
Drinks also contain epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG),
which has a property to turn off the virus.
These tips have been studied in Canada,
by incorporating green tea leaves into the colony adenoviruses cause colds.
The result, the activity or replication of the virus stops replicating.

Get plenty of rest
Ideally in a day bed is not less than 7-8 hours.
According to research at UCLA,
reduced sleep time by 40 percent would lower the immune system by 50 percent.
But do not occasionally
forced to sleep by drinking alcohol because it actually
weakens the immune system.
We recommend using a loose-fitting clothing such as t-shirts and
shorts to smooth blood circulation, and can sleep more comfortably.

Still do light activity
Research conducted by the University of Massachusetts to prove,
that a mild physical activity can reduce the risk of respiratory
infections by 25 percent compared to just quiet all day.
Light activity triggers the production of white blood cells, whose function is to fight viruses and bacterial infections.
These activities should not be too heavy, because fatigue makes the body susceptible to infection. Even though the marathon athletes, the risk of infection will increase after the race.

Tips to Prevent Bacteria Around Us

Various objects around us can become a place of growth of bacteria. Growth as well as the spread of various types of bacteria can be prevented with some simple tips.

For example, by using disposable wipes, the spread of salmonella can be prevented. Or to keep the phone in a cool, dry, then the growth of Staphylococcus aureus could be inhibited.

Even in places that are not unexpected, harmful bacteria can grow. Say the samples of cosmetics that are used interchangeably, as well as ATM machines are always visited by many people.

Some places are often overgrown with bacteria and prevention tips are as follows, quoted from Dailymail, Wednesday (23/06/2010).

Warm-air hand dryer
According to research at Westminster University, the warm-air hand dryer or the dryer after washing hands often overgrown with bacteria if not cleaned regularly. In addition, the blast of warm air is a medium that is ideal for the spread of bacteria such as salmonella and Escherichia coli.

Compared to such a dryer, more effectively wipes clean the rest of the bacteria after washing hands. Disposable wipes to clean 58 percent, while the regular toilet paper to clean 45 percent.

Shower Head
Type of bacteria that often grow on the shower head is Mycobacterium avium, one cause of lung infections. According to research at the University of Colorado, M. avium 100 times more prevalent in these places than on the water bin.

For healthy people are not too problematic, but can trigger disease in people who are immune to decline as the elderly and pregnant women. Because the bacteria are more like plastic materials, select the shower head from the metal to prevent its growth. In addition, let the water flow for 30 seconds to clear the bacteria before the shower is used.

Cell phone
Because it is often held and stored in a warm place like a purse or pants pocket, the phone becomes a good growth for Staphylococcus aureus. Bacteria that are normally found in human skin can cause ulcers and acne, or even pneumonia and meningitis if the excessive growth.

Joanna Verran, professor of microbiology at Manchester Metropolitan University advised to diligently clean the phone with an antiseptic. Also, get used to store it in a dry and cool.

Make-up Tester
Research at Jefferson Medical College shows, 100 percent of the samples of cosmetics in Pennsylvania overgrown E. coli that can cause abdominal cramps and diarrhea. Some of them also contain the bacteria staphylococcus and streptococcus, even HPV causes herpes.

To prevent transmission, women are advised to ensure the cleanliness of the sample in the beauty center managers who offer it. Make sure that each prospect is cleaned with wipes that contain alcohol.

Cash machine
Because accessed by many people, the cleanliness of ATM machines is actually no better than the toilet. In these places, the bacterium clostridium difficile causing infections in the intestine can last for months. Similarly, Candida albicans, microorganisms that cause canker sores.

A study in Scotland revealed that staphylococcus bacteria that trigger a variety of skin infections are also commonly found in ATM machines. Another type of bacteria found are the bacillus, the cause when it contaminates food poisoning.

To avoid contagion, there is no other way except to clean hands after contact with an ATM machine. Do not hold the face, eyes, nose and mouth before washing hands with soap and running water.

Salt Water to Cure Colds

Colds are the diseases that can heal by itself (self-limiting disease).
Although it can heal itself, gargling with salt solution can overcome
the symptoms that accompany it, such as cough and sore throat.

But if you do not want to be too dependent on drugs,
there are ways to relieve cold symptoms (common cold),
such as coughing, sneezing and sore throat.
The material required is very simple, just use table salt only.

Quoted from the NY Times, Wednesday (09/29/2010),
a solution of table salt is withdrawing fluid so that it can remove excess fluid in the area who have strep throat.
Not only will reduce the inflammation, the salt will also relieve the pain it causes.

In addition, the salt solution will also thin the mucus or phlegm t
hat clogs the respiratory tract.
Watery mucus that will be easily removed, so that it can carry an allergy-causing
substances and even if there is fungus or bacteria infection.

Tips proved efficacious in random testing of 400 patients with colds in the United States.
In the observations during the winter which lasts 60 days,
participants who gargled with saline solution three times daily decreased symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections by 40 percent.

The study was never published in this issue
of The American Journal of Preventive Medicine in 2005.

For best results, experts from the Mayo Clinic suggested that half a teaspoon dissolved in a cup full of warm water.
Use to rinse for bebreapa seconds prior to release, do as much as 3 times a day.

If you do not like the taste too salty, salt may be substituted with lemon or honey.
Same properties and need not be removed, can be directly swallowed after gargling.