Sunday, October 30, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Review

Samsung galaxy nexus review

We managed to catch some time with the phone the most eagerly awaited the moment - Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Includes a huge 4.65 inches to a dramatic resolution of 1280 x 720, talking on the phone, which really pushed the boat when it comes to display technology.

And '"only" instead of AMOLED technology Super Plus, we saw the Galaxy S2, but still razor-sharp - almost the levels of the iPhone, but a much larger scale.

It lacks a light touch of Galaxy S2, but a heavy 135g, it's not a monster - it sits comfortably in your pocket and has a solid feel, too.

The back has a good feel of the network and - like many other Samsung phones, the marbled phone use hot hand.

It is a thin phone, as well as photos ... with a larger screen seems like a very fine hand. It may be more than 0.3 mm thicker than the S2 (massive), but you can hardly feel different.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the first phone running Ice Cream Sandwich, so instead of talking to you through the operating system bit ', you should check out the Android 4.0 examination, and we will go through a series of hardware elements are here:

Android Beam - with some nifty NFC beam Android allows you to send maps, directions, websites and more simply by activating the NFC phones and place back to back.

Only available for Android phones, however, so the taste of the Nexus S with NFC chips will be able to use technology in the land when the ice Cream Sandwich in the handset.

The quality of the camera on the phone is very large - as it is "only" I have a 5 megapixel camera could be forgiven for thinking that could provide a poor experience of hitting, but fortunately not the case.

Processor speed 1.2 GHz Dual-Core means taking pictures is amazingly fast - even the iPhone 4S nippiness players in the process.

Another area of ​​processor speed comes to mind, the general use of the phone ... when it comes to leaf through the home screen to open and close windows applications using multi-tasking, speed Nexus Galaxy was noticeably faster than some of the Android tablets on the market.

But when we overloaded the notifications menu, we noticed a real decline in the speed with OS vibrating pretty bad. In fairness, we played with an older developer build, so we'll let it slide for a moment.

The display quality of Galaxy Nexus is sumptuous as always when it comes to displaying Samsung - lacked the depth of color of the Galaxy S2 in our eyes, but the sharpness of the display was unprecedented, so it is clearly visible on the display 4.65 inches, will be the real winner of the movies and so on.

Internet browsing speeds have also been dazzling fast, regardless of sites that we threw at it. The sharpness of the display was also very helpful here, even at full zoom, so that all text and crystal clear images and even Flash video showed no delay when beaten on several sites. Nice stuff.

Samsung Nexus Verdict early Galaxy

It is always easy to appreciate the material flagship Android, Google is still a great effort in creating a high performance device for each iteration of its operating system.

We are very impressed with the Samsung Nexus Galaxy, despite being a little disappointed by the specifications. That is mainly due to the use of ice cream sandwich, which is an ingenious system actually operating with a number of interesting features making it a true next-generation device.

The big screen will have to see films, and Internet use is fantastic - we can see that this is one of our favorite devices to surf the web on the go.

Stay tuned for our full review Samsung Nexus Galaxy in the near future - we are really hoping to give all our journey through the phone ice cream sandwich first.


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