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Develop The Storage Device With IOS Kingston Wi-Drive - Review

Kingston Wi-Drive vs iPhone 4SDevelop the storage device with IOS Kingston Wi-Drive - Review

Kingston Wi-Drive Review - If you come from Android devices, where storage can often be extended by obtaining more memory, you'll pull your hair when you migrate to IOS devices (like the iPhone, iPhone or iPod Touch). Basically, you're stuck with what your camera gives you as a warehouse and there is no way to get more with less, if you put your device to a more recent.

Fortunately, Wi-Drive Kingston solves this problem by designing an easy to use, portable storage device with its own access point Wi-Fi.

Kingston Wi-Drive has a stylish design with a glossy black finish that complements the IOS devices really well designed. The slim design also makes it very portable so you can carry in your shirt pocket or bag.

Kingston Wi-Drive is smooth to the touch and does not weigh much. Compared to the iPhone 4S, it is actually thinner in the design:

Wi-Drive Review Kingston - Built-in Wi-Fi

Wi-Drive Kingston has its own access point Wi-Fi, which means you can get access to the device anywhere wirelessly (you do not even need to be on a network Wi-Fi to connect to.) Simply turn Wi-Drive Kingston, then use your iOS devices like the iPhone, connect to the device by selecting the access point Wi-Fi Settings, and then when you connect to a particular Wi-Fi networks

It is very simple and direct way to connect from my iPhone and iPad 4S 2 with Wi-Kingston Drive. There is also an option for the Wi-Drive to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot so you can still access your Internet connection when connected to the Wi-Drive. Smart Move.

Wi-Drive Kingston, which can store more music, video, documents or photos as if you store on your machine. Files, unfortunately, must be copied first by USB cable from your computer to the Wi-Drive Kingston. Only then can access and even download the files within the disk devices with the movement to download Wi-Drive Apt Kingston

If you are worried about the people around to peek in the Wi-Drive, there is password protection standards, that you can take a Wi-Drive (WPA / WEP).

Wi-Drive Kingston Review - Sharing is Caring
                                                                                                    Kingston Wi-Drive Review - connect with 3 devices
One of the features highlighted Kingston's Wi-Drive is that you can share your content inside of 3 devices at once.

Instead, limited to a personal portable storage solution, you can expand the use of wireless in collaboration with your friends, clients or colleagues. Now, of course, the downside is that everyone must be installed in Kingston Drive Wi-app for the first device.

Some agencies have begun to use the iPad to make presentations or meetings, then to Kingston Wi-Drive is great. Why? Since you only need to store the latest version of the document within the Wi-Drive at any time. During a presentation or meeting, you can say all their iPad device, or download the latest version of the iPhone. They can also go back and forth on the pages at your own pace, because they are under control.

When practiced in our game last Christmas, we had problems in some of the actors and actresses do not have the final script had to memorize and act during practice. If only I had the Wi-Drive Kingston last year, so this would not happen. I could only bring our practice session and everyone got the final script. You can then download the files to their phones and get used to practice.

Kingston Wi-Drive Review - Great but not perfect

I think that all Wi-Drive has a lot of potential, but it just takes a little more to succeed very well. Currently, only it comes with either 16GB or 32GB of storage. I'm sure we will have more storage space, even at the expense of a more bulky, but it is not yet confirmed. Only time will tell.

The battery according to Kingston, it is up to four hours of continuous use and is also downloadable. There is no battery indicator, unfortunately, the Wi-Drive so there's no way to tell how long the battery lasts before it closes.

The reader also tends to be hot, having been for some time (although I do not have all the media stream it).

Currently, wireless access to training is limited to IOS devices (although I heard an Android application is on the way), and only via a USB cable from our computers. If only we can transfer files wireless Wi-Drive, so it would be great.

Kingston Wi-Drive Review - Conclusion

Kingston Drive Smart Wi-extend the storage of your units while adding some nice spice to the mix. It has its own wireless access point so you can access your photos, documents, videos, music or other files on the disk without having to connect a cable or connected to the home / office / Wi-Fi point.

Allows simultaneous connection of up to three different devices, making it the perfect collaboration with some of the activities, or simply when you want to share vacation photos with friends easily. Files can be stored in a "local" through the application, so you can enjoy the collaboration of more than 3 people, watching the same document together.

Although there are some peculiarities that they want, depends on what you intend to use the Wi-Drive Kingston, this could be another device to carry on your list.

Note: The review shows Wi-Drive Kingston was provided for review

Kingston Wi-Drive Review - Advantages

+ Smart and stylish design

+ Slim and lightweight

Integrated Wi-Fi +

+ It allows devices to connect at the same time

+ Share files wirelessly with a free application

+ Files can be downloaded and stored locally by app

+ Can be used as a backup medium

+ Rechargeable

+ Easy to use

Wi-Drive Kingston Review - Pros

- Installation of application to access files

- Gets hot after a short period of time

- No battery indicator

- To connect with a USB cable to store files on the unit


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