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Robert Griffin wins Heisman Trophy

Few minutes before Heisman Trophy which 77th is bestowed [by] Saturday ni
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ght, Baylor quarter-back Robert Griffin III makes an sartorial announcement from his own. He is menjabut alas/pantat from pants dalam/pantalon its(the clothes and lays open blue Superman short stocking, complete with one " Sulfur ' shield and a tanjung/mantol small  red flowing.

Griffin has one wide collections of short stocking which ganjil/istimewa — Cookie Giant, angry SpongeBob, Birds, Scooby Doo, Elmo to call some — but choices Saturday fitts in with perfection.

Griffin becomes player Baylor first to win Heisman Trophy, grabs 405 first places to choose to finalize a 280 balmy points in front of Andrew Stanford Luck. third Trent Alabama Richardson, what followed by Montee Wisconsin Ball and Tyrann LSU Mathieu.

VIDEO: Heisman media meeting finalists

PHOTOGRAPHS: Image of out of 2011 finalists Heisman

PHOTOGRAPHS: Image of from winners Heisman Robert Griffin III

"   This is not playing believable," Griffin says when s(he to receive award. " That is extraordinary because in at the time of we altogether is taken breath away when big matters happened. But that is believable because big matters not happened without hard work."

Griffin has a superhero from a season. He leads No. 16 Bears ( 9-3) to most their victorys in 25 years and game mangkuk/pasu successive detik/second of they is after a 16-year postseason ( musim)kering. He also brings made one mistake [ from] Big 12's programs very depress into national excellence. Before RG3, BEARS is in or near by alas/pantat from Big 12 standing most year and have never had a winner to record in league. In a from the biggest seasons in history of school, Bears beats Oklahoma for the first time have ever; always and finishs with one assertive of victory to Texas.

"   Football is very big in Texas," Griffin said. " This only would ( to) makes it that far better. That rotation would of all that fan?penggemar in Waco which is jersey UT athletics, A&M jersey. They can have pride to have a football shift in backyard they are which is success, which will continuing to succeed."

Though [ that way] Heisman Trophy award can most prestigious individual in all athleticses, because Griffin which more around " we" and " kita(kami." Bears plays Texas in Saturday final season of that. shift Stanford Keberuntungan doesn't play at that day. When which its(the diminta(dita is about it advantage, s(he says, " Script is written finely for us to win this award."

In entrance from athletic building Baylor, there is 2006 Ray Guy Award won by punter Daniel Sepulveda. And carefully … not many besides.

cum all which ruang(spasi, where needing Heisman RG3 Trophy to go? " Upfront," s(he says with a laugh.

Without player Baylor have ever; always higher level end compared to fourth place in balloting Heisman — 48 through years ago. " I cannot more happyly for Robert," pelatih?bus Art Briles says. " Result of this, in mind kita(kami, not coincidently - that designedly."

Griffin throws during 3,998 yardses and 36 makings and strangulation broke that Bowl Championship Series challengers sebutan/judul surely had in award. Seven of eight previous winners, including Reggie Bush emptied then of sebutan/judul, played in game championship of nasionai BCS, same as Mathieu and Richardson would.

Griffin leads the nation with a 19231 efficiencies which is passing, which in step of break record NCAA out of 1860 kept by Hawai'i quarter-back Colt Brennan in 2006.

Double threat of QB have also been in a hurry during 644 yardses and nine makings. He shall only become quicker from an speed ultra vires bullet. Season semi(mata water before his(its first football season, RG3 implements jejak/jalur and finalizes 2008 seasons as All-American. He is also can jump tall barricades in a boundary. Griffin is a semifinalist in 400-meter skips in attempts Olimpiade. He still dreaming of competes in Olympics.

There is many of Clark Kent ke(pada Griffin also. He is listed [by] honour every semester. Putra from two military old fellows pass in three years with a degree in political science. He will finalize degree in its(the master communicationss in season semi(mata water. He plans to do applying for Baylor faculty of law. Subject finally tarikh Masehi eligibility? Griffin has not makeed decision it, but says, " If NFL came knock, I was beautiful sure of you are replying the door."

Beastly of fantasy says that, Baylor president Ken Starr stands up near, holds a cap peluru/bola Baylor which obsolete. Former US. solicitor general has told to Griffin repeatedly that s(he will memperbicangkan love to about faculty of law when Griffin is ready. Starr memanggil(hubungi Griffin has " an student athlete once-in-a-generation."

Soon exit Copperas Cove High, Griffin initially feels tied with aliance Briles at Houston, and when pelatih?bus leaved to take over at Baylor, Binatang fantasy is dingikuti. When, Briles tells to Griffin s(he to have talent to be winner Heisman.

"   He tells to me that with my abilitys to implement peluru/bola and expansion as a thrower, that will become thing college have never seen, NFL have never seen," Griffin calls again. " All that of medium matters actually. That only until happened seriously with hard work."

And with hard work, remarkable become believable. At Baylor, nonetheless.

Heisman Pemenang-pemenang cup

2011—Robert Griffin III, BAYLOR

2010—Cam Newton, Auburn ( hair), QB

2009—Mark Ingram, Alabama, RB

2008—Sam Bradford, Oklahoma, QB

2007—Tim Tebow, The Strait of Florida, QB

2006—Troy Blacksmith, Ohio Status(negara, QB


2004—Matt Leinart, South Cal, QB

White 2003—Jason, Oklahoma, QB

2002—Carson Palmer, South Cal, QB

2001—Eric Crouchs, Nebraska, QB

2000—Chris Weinke, The Strait Of Florida St., QB

1999—Ron Dayne, Wisconsin, RB

1998—Ricky Williams, Texas, RB

1997—Charles Woodson, Michigan, CB

1996—Danny Wuerffel, The Strait of Florida, QB

1995—Eddie George, Ohio Status(negara, TERBIUM

1994—Rashaan Greeting, Colorado, RB

1993—Charlie Barn, The Strait Of Florida Status(negara, QB

1992—Gino Torretta, Miami, QB

Howard 1991—Desmond, Michigan, WR

1990—Ty Young Detmer, Brigham, QB

1989—Andre Goods, Houston, QB

1988—Barry Sander, Oklahoma Status(negara, RB

1987—Tim Chocolate, Notre lady, WR

1986—Vinny Testaverde, Miami, QB

1985—Bo Jackson, Cokelat squeezing ( hair), TERBIUM

1984—Doug high Flutie, Boston Perguruan, QB

1983—Mike Rozier, Nebraska, TERBIUM

1982—Herschel Pedestrian, Georgia, Hb

1981—Marcus Of all, South Cal, TERBIUM

1980—George Thus, South Carolina, Hb

White 1979—Charles, South Cal, TERBIUM

1978—Billy Sims, Oklahoma, HB

1977—Earl Campbell, Texas, FB

1976—Tony Dorsett, Pittsburgh, HB

1975—Archie Griffin, Ohio Status(negara, HB

1974—Archie Griffin, Ohio Status(negara, HB

1973—John Cappelletti, Penn Status(negara, HB

1972—Johnny Rodgers, Nebraska, FL

1971—Pat Sullivan, Cokelat squeezing ( hair), QB

1970—Jim Plunkett, Stanford, QB

1969—Steve Owens, Oklahoma, HB

1968—OJ. Simpson, South Cal, TERBIUM

1967—Gary Burden, UCLA, QB

1966—Steve Maker races, the Strait of Florida, QB

1965—Mike Garrett, South Cal, TERBIUM

1964—John Huarte, Notre lady, QB


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